Bárány Society


The International Society for Neuro-Otology



Every 2 years, on the day of the opening of the 2-yearly congresses of the Bárány Society, two special full day teaching courses are organised, that are held simultaneously. The courses are ment for paramedics, clinicians and scientists that are relatively new in the field of neuro-otology, rehabilitation and vestibular research.



The first course deals with fundamental and practical aspects relevant for clinicians and scientists:


- fundamental aspects of anatomy, physiology and physics of the vestibular system

- how to take the history of a patients with vestibular disorders

- bed side examination

- laboratory testing; a critical evaluation

- update in vestibular syndromes


The second course focusses on rehabilitation of patients with vestibular disorders.


Registration: through registration for each 2-yearly Bárány Society Congress.


Chair Teaching course commitee

Mans Magnusson



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