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The Bárány Society is an international interdisciplinary society founded in 1960 on the initiative of Dr. C.S. Hallpike and Professor C.O. Nylen, in order to honor the memory of the late Robert Bárány, who was professor of Otorhinolaryngology at the University of Uppsala, Sweden, from 1926 to 1936. Professor Barany was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1915 for his fundamental work on the physiology and pathology of the vestibular apparatus.


The aim of the Bárány Society is to facilitate contacts between basic scientists and clinicians engaged in vestibular research and to stimulate otoneurological research.


The Bárány Society initiates worldwide evidence based consensus and standardisation regarding definition of syndromes, diseases, diagnostic procedures and treatment by means of its standardisation commitees and discussions with other stakeholders.


Past presidents have been the tenured professors of otorhinolaryngology at the Uppsala University: Arne Sjoberg (1960-1967), Hans Engstrom (1968-1978), Jan Stahle (1979-1989), Matti Anniko (1990-2012) and the current president is Goran Laurell.

Meetings are held every sixth year in Uppsala, Sweden. In between, meetings are held every two years in a city elected by the members. In the past, meetings have been held in Amsterdam, Toronto, Prague, Strasbourg, Tokyo, Paris, Los Angeles, Bologna, London and Sydney, to name a few.


At each regular meeting three awards, the Bárány gold medal, the Hallpike-Nylen prize and the Hallpike-Nylen medal will be awarded. The Hallpike-Nylen prize is intended for clinical research. The Hallpike-Nylen medal is intended for basic research with a preference for the younger members of the Society. The silver-plated medal has the picture of Bárány on one side and the legend "Hallpike-Nylen medal" on the other. The Bárány gold medal has a history of its own and was founded in 1948 by the Medical Faculty, Uppsala University. Candidates for this award are proposed by a committee of three members of the medical Faculty in Uppsala, the tenured professors in otorhinolaryngology (chairman), ophthalmology and neurology. The Bárány gold medal will be presented to "the author who during the last completed six-year period has published the most valuable work on the vestibular apparatus in the widest sense of this term".


Bárány Society Organisation




Goran Laurell, President

Mans Magnusson, Secretary

Niklas Danckwardt-Lilliestrom, Treasurer




Secretariat: Asa Eriksson

Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery

University Hospital (Akademiska Sjukhuset)

SE-751 85 Uppsala, Sweden

Phone +46 18 611 53 65 Fax +46 18 55 82 31

E-mail asa.eriksson@akademiska.se

Web site www.baranysociety.nl




Krister Brantberg

Michael Karlberg


Standardization committee


Alexandre Bisdorff

Thomas Lempert


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Mans Magnusson




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